Russian Youth Forum New York


This Friday, December 2nd, the Russian Consulate in New York opened its doors to speakers and participants of the Russian Youth Forum New York, organized by the Russian Center New York.

Photo Artur Ram

Elena Branson, the president of the Russian Center New York spoke about the importance of getting young Russian-American professionals involved in the social and political affairs in the United States. «We pay close attention to the involvement of young Russian-Americans in social and political affairs, as well as helping them understand and make use of the electoral system in the United States. We not only support their initiative in the voting process, but also facilitate their involvement as candidates who can represent the Russian-speaking community.»

Photo Artur Ram

The Youth Forum is aimed at strengthening relations within the Russian-speaking community, and stimulating interest in young Russian-Americans to preserve Russian culture and history. The keynote speaker, the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York, Igor Golubovskiy, noted that — «events dedicated to history and culture of Russia, have become quite traditional in New York.» Andrey Bondarev, the Counselor of the Russian Embassy in the United States, delivered the greeting from Oleg Malginov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ambassador of the Russian Federation. Malginov noted that «the forum has become favored and gathered much interest in the eyes of the young people.» Malginov also wished for a productive discussion, creative spirit, and all the best.

Veronika Nevzorova, representative of Cultural Affairs in New York, delivered the welcome letter from Lyubov Glebova, head of Rossotrudnichestvo. «The Russian Federation pays special attention to development of humanitarian ties between our compatriots living abroad. We value your efforts to preserve and defend our common cultural values. The formation of common cultural, informational, and educational spaces for young Russian professionals living abroad, largely depend on the joint efforts of the youth associations.»

Vladimir Lebedev, Advisor to the Mayor of Moscow and Director of the Moscow House of Compatriots, noted in his speech, that «First and most important goal of the forum is to give opportunity for Russian speaking Americans to speak about the historical ties with their homeland, as well as the future of bilateral relations.»

The Russian Center New York prepared a rich program for the participants of the forum, including a two-panel discussion. The first panel discussion was dedicated to the preservation of Russian traditions, in which the representatives of the Russian immigration of the first half of the last century and the clergy shared their personal experiences. The second panel was dedicated to the discussion on strengthening ties with Russia, consolidation of Russian-American youth in the United States, and promoting the participation of young Russian Americans in the US socio-political affairs.

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The forum also held a contest among young participants who presented their own projects and business ideas. This part of the forum was initiated by Roman Makhmutov, who also presented the upcoming World Festival of Youth and Students, which will take place in Sochi in October 2017. Roman, who also took home the first place prize for his photo project «Compatriots» noted, «The opportunity for young people to be able to present their projects helped a lot of young professionals meet like-minded people and get valuable advice on their work, as well as network with all the members of the panel.» The second-place prize went to Sergey Gladysh for his project «Russia Firsthand» an organization that reaches out to young people abroad who wish to actively participate in various projects and work opportunities in Russia. Third-place prize went to Aleksandr Petrov and his project «Event Cartel» a media website that features various events taking place in New York and LA.

Photo Artur Ram

Author: Elena Prohorovskaya