Unique opportunity to visit Russia for young athlete within Russian Community


Letter to the New England Patriots Alumni membership by the New England Patriots Alumni Club’s president Pete Brock

As many of you know Ilia Jarostchuk and I had the opportunity to travel to Moscow with on the invitation and hospitality of Alexander Pavlov, benefactor of and player with the Moscow Patriots.   The objective of the visit was to learn about American Football being played in Russia and how we might assist their efforts to improve the game and build awareness.  One of the many needs they laid out is attached here.  We are reaching out to Patriots Alumni to see if any of you or others in your network might know someone to fit the bill.  If so, or if you have any questions please contact Ilia or me.

THE REQUEST presented by Ilia Jarostchuk:

The Moscow Patriots (www.moscowpatriots.com) are looking for a young man that would be interested in a position as a Player/Coach at the QB position.  American Football is a «Club-Level» sport in Russia similar to how Rugby is here in the states.  I would assess the skill level at about the NCAA Division 3 or junior college level.  The team is looking for someone that can help put together an offensive game plan, and execute it on the field as a player/coach.

  • The season is from APRIL thru SEPTEMBER (6 months).
  • The player’s transportation expenses to-and-from Moscow (including VISA costs) would be covered.
  • The player’s lodging (apartment) in Moscow would be covered.
  • 2-3 meals per day (or equivalent in money)
  • The team has about 6 hours of practice per week. The player/coach might spend an additional 2-4 hours in coaching meetings. The NET time committed to «football» would be only about 8-10 hours/wk.
  • The player will be paid 1,000€ euros/mo. ($1,115) to play for and help coach the team.
  • The player would be paid a 1,000€ bonus if he helps the team win the Championship.
  • The financier of the team, Alexander Pavlov, is the owner 7 prestigious Moscow fitness centers:  Dr. Loder Fitness  Click any one of the 7 centers on this link to see pictures http://www.loder.ru/home/fotos.
  • They are looking for a player would also potentially be interested in gaining experience in the fitness industry, and would be able to act as a personal trainerto other athletes, or as an administrative intern in the fitness center. Payment for this work will be agreed upon in person once the player and Alexander have a chance to meet.  It will be based on how many hours the player will be working as a personal trainer (training other athletes). Hours and compensation will be directly proportional to the number of people that he is working with.
  • The player would have a complimentary membership to the fitness center to maintain his own personal training regime.
  • The player needs to be a responsible young man of good character.  He will be representing not only our NEPAC organization, but our country as well. A character reference will be required from a known and reliable individual.


To give you an understanding of the level of football in Russian, here is a YouTube video of a playoff game that I attended in Moscow back in 2013.


If you are aware of a young man who might be interested in this unique opportunity, please send me his resume and contact information. Several previous candidates have used this opportunity to build their resume, paving their future in either a coaching career (in Europe or in the US), or a career in the fitness industry as fitness center owners or managers.

For additional information contact

Pete Brock



(508) 878-9007 direct

(508) 546-0339 fax

[email protected]


Ilia Jarostchuk


(781) 254-9717

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you can always Google:  Moscow Patriots